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Shropshire Events and Whats On Guide

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Silver from the West: the Wem Hoard, a talk by Dr Roger White.

19:30 - 21:30 20th February 2024

High Street
Wem, Shropshire SY4 5DG
01939 235443

A talk hosted by Wem Civic Society outlining the finding of the Wem Hoard and its significance in the history of the area.
In October 2018, and again in August 2019, three metal detectorists unearthed a hoard of silver in a field near Wem. Examination has established that the hoard falls into a small category of late Roman ‘hacksilver’ hoards known from the UK and dates probably to the end of the fifth century. This lecture will outline what has been discovered so far about the hoard, and its context, and outline plans for future research.
What does this mean for our interpretation of the area? What it tells us is that, as in eastern Britain, western Britain was using bullion to pay its defenders. What is different is that in the west, they were successful in keeping the English at bay for longer, as has already been argued at Wroxeter and elsewhere. The west is the centre of native resistance to the English.
The hoard comprises 336 items of later Roman hacksilver (including 37 coins), most of which have been deliberately broken up to be reused as bullion. The hoard is only the sixth of its kind from the British Isles and was most likely deposited at some point in the later 5th century – after the Romans had left (circa AD 410).

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